Eric Pleil graduated from technical school knowing he enjoyed working with metal and wanted to develop and expand his mechanical skills.  Eric worked at several different businesses in the area to gain practical experience and practice his mechanical skills.  Welding and machining were the areas he enjoyed the most so he started acquiring used equipment to work on at home.  Soon the equipment filled his three car garage and gave him the capability to take on small jobs for local clients part time.  

Eric dreamed of being self-employed and moved to form Northside Welding & Machine LLC in 2013 while still working full time at a local business.  Eric’s wife also worked full time, but supported the new business venture by keeping its books. By late 2017 the business had developed to the point where Eric needed to leave his full time employment and find part time work in order to have enough time for his Northside Welding & Machine business.

By late summer 2018, continued growth of his business allowed Eric to transition away from outside employment and work full time at his new business.   Eric’s marketing plan focuses on two strategic market areas:

  1. Welding and machining that caters to local manufacturing businesses.
  2. The custom motorcycle industry.

The next milestone for Northside Welding & Machine LLC is to find a new home and Eric is currently looking for a suitable location where the business can continue to grow.

Eric started working with a SCORE mentor in November 2016.  Eric indicates “the SCORE mentor pointed me in the right direction to plan and grow my business”.   “The SCORE mentor helped with various issues like business plans, cash flow, target market focus and making new contacts.”

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